Yangjae Citizens’ Forest, a Green Patch in the Urban Grey

Image © TL Korea, Inc.

Website: seoul.go.kr/yangjae-citizens-forest

Yangjae Citizens’ Forest is an urban park located  in Seoul, Yangjae-dong, right next to TL Korea’s own headquarters, and a popular destination for those looking to take a break from the city life without having to travel far.

Originally opened in 1986 ahead of that year’s Asian Games and the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Yangjae Citizens’ Forest includes several sports and well-being facilities, such as basketball and volleyball courts, walking trails and outdoors exercise equipment. The forest is also home to the peculiar Barefoot Park, an acupressure path that massages your feet as you walk on it.

Counting with hundreds of species of trees and flowers, as well as its share of forest-dwelling creatures, the park is often visited by kindergartens and elementary schools, with the children’s playground and mini library adding to the field trip appeal.

Those wanting to take a longer rest in the nature will be happy to know that Yangjae Citizens’ Forest also includes camping facilities, complete with an equipped barbecue area for all your grilling needs.

Whether you go to witness the changing foliage in the autumn months, take a stroll among the cherry blossom trees in the spring or go for a swim in the outdoors pool when the weather allows, Yangjae Citizens’ Forest is there as a place of relaxation for everyone.



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