Miso the Musical: a Spectacle of Traditional Song and Dance

Official website: jeongdong.or.kr

If you are in Seoul and looking for a rich cultural experience, you might not want to miss one of the most highly-appraised musical performances in the city: Miso.

Jeongdong Theater, located behind Deoksugung Palace near Seoul’s City Hall, has since 1997 presented multiple Korean traditional performances, among them Miso, the theater’s representative musical brand.

Up to its newest version, opened in 2014, Miso the musical has presented the audiences with a show of traditional Korean song and dance surrounding plots taken from old Korean tales and stories. Culturally seasoned and highly entertaining, Miso captivates us with at times quiet and delicate, at times lively and vibrant, but always visually appealing scenes.

Another reason to visit Miso’s Jeongdong Theater are the cultural experiences it offers. The janggu experience, available by reservation, has visitors learn how to play the janggu, a traditional Korean drum featured in the musical, from the performers themselves, while the Artee Pedicab experience takes you on a 30-minute ride through some of Seoul’s historical neighborhoods in a bicycle-driven carriage.



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