What to do in Gangnam

Gangam / 강남구” by Joop – Flickr
Licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Gangnam district of Seoul is more famous than ever thanks to Psy’s megahit “Gangnam Style” that sweeped the world in 2012, but if you are coming to travel in Seoul you may wonder: what is there to actually do in Gangnam?

While the blocks surrounding Gangnam station in Seoul’s subway line 2, the area commonly referred to as Gangnam, are not home to any historical monuments or traditional culture landmarks, every day the skyscraper-lined district attracts a sea of people to its bustling streets.


Gangnam is a great place for giving in to your consumerist urges, no matter what your budget is. Before even exiting Gangnam subway station you will find yourself inside the station’s underground shopping mall, which contains a multitude of shops selling clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics, all at affordable prices.

If you are looking to find the absolute best deals in Gangnam, take a look around the underground shopping mall and compare prices, as the shops often sell identical or very similar products.

Those who can afford to spend a little more can head outside Gangnam station exits 10 or 11 and walk up the main avenue, where fashion and cosmetic stores from both local and foreign brands are sprinkled on each side of the road.

Dinner and movies

The whole area surrounding the main avenue is filled with all sorts of places to eat, from small street food carts to well-known restaurant chains, trendy cafes and luxurious eateries, making sure you will not go hungry on your Gangnam outings.

Worthy of note is the variety of Gangnam’s  fusion and foreign restaurants where you can experience Japanese, Indian, Italian and other international cuisine from a Korean perspective.

If you are looking for a classic dinner-and-movies date, Gangnam will not let you down. The district is home to all three major Korean movie theater chains, Megabox, on exit 9, and CGV and Lotte Cinema, both up the street from exit 11, all showing the latest productions from Korea and Hollywood.


Do not worry if you plan on staying out late, because Gangnam will stay up with you. Gangnam’s many bars and clubs are some of the most frequented in Seoul and often offer a more sophisticated vibe than those in Hongdae, another one of Seoul’s main districts known for its active nightlife.

Among the various clubs, two particularly popular ones are hip hop club NB and the electronic and house-based Club Mass, both located close to Gangnam subway station. The whole area around Gangnam, however, is home to several clubbing and drinking spots ready to help you make the most of your night.



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