N Seoul Tower: Where Romance is Alive


KOCIS_A_romantic_hotspot,_N_Seoul_Tower_(6791428596)” by Korea.net – Flickr.
Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Official website: nseoultower.co.kr

Located at the top of Namsan Mountain, the N Seoul Tower (also called Namsan Tower) is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Seoul.

Originally a communications tower, ever since it opened to the public in 1980, the N Seoul Tower has become the top attraction for tourists visiting Seoul as well as a hot spot for couples out on a romantic date.

Marking the highest point of Seoul, the tower’s top floors offer a panoramic view of the city’s bustling landscape. The tower’s 3rd floor observatory is especially popular at twilight, when the tower lights up and Seoul’s nightscape come to life as the sun sets.

N Seoul Tower is especially well-known as a romantic site for couples. On the tower’s terrace, lovers can decorate couple padlocks and hang them on the grating as a wish for eternal love, or toss a heart coin into the wishing pond on the tower’s 2nd floor.

Other attractions not to be missed at N Seoul Tower include the Korean and international tower-top restaurants with gorgeous views of Seoul and the Namsan cable car, which connects N Seoul Tower with the base of Namsan Mountain.



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